If you aren’t showing your shoulders you’re missing the latest trend. (At least for another season or two)

Off-the-shoulder, cold-shoulder, one-shoulder all seem to be trends which come and go quickly. I still have a couple of cold shoulder tops I adored from Express the last time around about 10 years ago. So if you are like me, and indulge in a few trendy pieces every now and then, it’s time to pull them out of storage. My feeling is this trend can be worn tastefully at almost any age if done correctly. This style does wonders for hiding that little extra skin in the arm pit area and flatters the upper body but the secret is the cut and material so one must try on. I know, I hate it too but these items definitely DON’T look good on the hanger but they do look AMAZING on a maniquin and most likely you as well. So grab a couple and head to the nearest fitting room and don’t be afraid to try some more.

We even see this trend in swimwear this season. The black and white stripe top with coordinating cut out white bottoms is a look I love for this summer.

Note the top on the hanger is not at all screaming “take me, I’m beautiful” but on…chic and sophisticated. The top is by La Blanca $75 and the bottoms are Becca $44.