Boots in the summer…Why not?!

I wrote this back in the spring and for some reason I never posted it. As we transition into fall, I can’t help but notice the vast selection of ankle boots this season. With Labor Day quickly approaching, I suppose we could reverse this thought to “sandals” as well however I think common sense in the fact that we certainly wouldn’t let our feet hang out in near zero degree weather but then again…


This has been a debate with someone every spring. When to put away the boots? Some say as soon as the weather turns and I have met some that refuse to give up their boots until the heat makes them unbearable. Granted, sometimes feet just aren’t ready to make an appearance due to grooming, etc. but that is another post for another day. My opinion is this falls under the “don’t wear white after Labor Day”, antiquated thoughts that certain rules apply per season. I think these notions have been thrown by the wayside as I am seeing short boots increasingly presented in spring collections. Now, if we are speaking of true winter type boots which are fur or fleece lined, then yes please put them away when the weather gets warmer but suede is a soft, lightweight leather and can be worn in the summer. I prefer suede in the summer due to the maintenance involved in cleaning and care. Winter is hard on suede and softer leathers especially if you live anywhere it rains or snows. So I say this, as with many other fashion accessories, boots can be done correctly any time of year with the correct outfit.

Matching in The Midwest

There is a phenomenon here in the Midwest and I always find it fascinating. A large percentage of the population believes one’s clothing and accessories should perfectly match. Now I’m not talking about tone on tone or coordinating monochromatic styling, no…I have seen women walking around with shoes looking for the EXACT color of handbag, or the EXACT color of hat which matches a tiny spot in, or sometimes the entire color of the dress. This topic is of particular importance when styling and dressing for Derby and related events this time of year. If the customer doesn’t find what they are after, the question becomes “why not”? Why make a color in one category which doesn’t match other items from the same brand? The “all nuetrals go together” thing is totally out the window here and who cares if the hat fits correctly or even looks good as long as EVERYTHING is the same color. Oh, and I do mean the SAME color. Not a shade off. Not a hue, not a hint, not a shadow off. Just as if you took a swatch to the paint store and it was duplicated with that machine which reads paint colors. I often question what reasoning dictates this fashion faux pas as one can clearly see an outfit goes together only if it is completely matching in the same EXACT color from head to toe. Who made this rule? I find this is something which is taught from childhood and observed by others as correct and true because clearly it is not practiced in the fashion world. I have also found that going against the grain so to speak, even with authority to which I am loosely given by being a “brand representative” is unwise. I am often given the look as if I have an extra head growing off my shoulders at the mere mention that no one really notices they aren’t the EXACT same color because the bag and shoes aren’t in the same eye frame at the same time. At this point my credibility is completely out the window and nothing I say from this moment forward is regarded as an opinion that matters. Now not all women around here feel this way about fashion and some will disagree with me but if you go to the Kentucky Derby this year or you watch the event on television, pay attention. I think designers are clearly missing their customer base in this market.

Black is the color of my soul…and my closet.

Just kidding, and the ones that kAirBrush_20170422101158_1now me are usually the ones asking “why so much black?” I use this line to make them laugh and deflect the real reason that after 2-3 cups of coffee and checking emails in the morning, I simply don’t want to put a lot of thought into what to wear. I’m lucky to remember to put on mascara. No joke. You know I once read that powerful and influential people often limit their wardrobes so they don’t waste brain power thinking
about clothing choices. To which I thought…that’s me! I for one don’t think we celebrate the color black enough. Black goes with everything including well, black. Black makes one look thinner by giving illusions of lines. Black doesn’t accentuate those places we want to hide. Black is forgiving and for those that say it’s a way to fade into the background, I say the opposite. Black is a way to stand out! Don’t tell me you don’t notice the woman or man dressed in all black in a sea of colors and patterns. There is always something distinctive and mysterious about the all black outfit. Especially when there are fabulous, to- die-for shoes involved. So I guess just as I have embraced my inner desire for the color black, I am saying don’t feel guilt for choosing the black top over the orange this season. Know your fellow black clothing loving peeps are out here and we think you will always be in style no matter the season or event!

If you aren’t showing your shoulders you’re missing the latest trend. (At least for another season or two)

Off-the-shoulder, cold-shoulder, one-shoulder all seem to be trends which come and go quickly. I still have a couple of cold shoulder tops I adored from Express the last time around about 10 years ago. So if you are like me, and indulge in a few trendy pieces every now and then, it’s time to pull them out of storage. My feeling is this trend can be worn tastefully at almost any age if done correctly. This style does wonders for hiding that little extra skin in the arm pit area and flatters the upper body but the secret is the cut and material so one must try on. I know, I hate it too but these items definitely DON’T look good on the hanger but they do look AMAZING on a maniquin and most likely you as well. So grab a couple and head to the nearest fitting room and don’t be afraid to try some more.

We even see this trend in swimwear this season. The black and white stripe top with coordinating cut out white bottoms is a look I love for this summer.

Note the top on the hanger is not at all screaming “take me, I’m beautiful” but on…chic and sophisticated. The top is by La Blanca $75 and the bottoms are Becca $44.

The Walsh- my new obsession

This baby just arrived in store, day before yesterday, and I am completely OBSESSED! She immediately got my attention with the softer saffiano leather. I currently own the MMK Rivington Stud Tote and it too is “soft saffiano” but this bag is thinner, unlined, and therefore VERY flexible and did I mention lightweight?! I immediately thought travel with the bonded leather which much resembles something from the elevated MK Collection line without the price tag. She has an outside pocket and two inner pockets all for $278 for the Medium Shoulder Tote. Available in colors acorn and black with an adjustable drop long enough to fit any shoulder. She will be my next piece I add to my collection for sure.

Hey Fashionista!

This is the post excerpt.

Hi! I live in a big little town called Louisville, Ky. Now we may not be front page news (at least not for fashion) but we love keeping up with what is trending and putting our own little spin on it to make it our own. Isn’t that what fashion is all about? I work inside a department store as retail support and I adore Michael Kors. I’ve always followed and love fashion from the runways to street style so PLEASE show me yours! I can’t wait to show you my loves and get to know you better. Chow! 🙂