Boots in the summer…Why not?!

I wrote this back in the spring and for some reason I never posted it. As we transition into fall, I can’t help but notice the vast selection of ankle boots this season. With Labor Day quickly approaching, I suppose we could reverse this thought to “sandals” as well however I think common sense in the fact that we certainly wouldn’t let our feet hang out in near zero degree weather but then again…


This has been a debate with someone every spring. When to put away the boots? Some say as soon as the weather turns and I have met some that refuse to give up their boots until the heat makes them unbearable. Granted, sometimes feet just aren’t ready to make an appearance due to grooming, etc. but that is another post for another day. My opinion is this falls under the “don’t wear white after Labor Day”, antiquated thoughts that certain rules apply per season. I think these notions have been thrown by the wayside as I am seeing short boots increasingly presented in spring collections. Now, if we are speaking of true winter type boots which are fur or fleece lined, then yes please put them away when the weather gets warmer but suede is a soft, lightweight leather and can be worn in the summer. I prefer suede in the summer due to the maintenance involved in cleaning and care. Winter is hard on suede and softer leathers especially if you live anywhere it rains or snows. So I say this, as with many other fashion accessories, boots can be done correctly any time of year with the correct outfit.

Author: fashioninthe502

Hi everyone and welcome all you beautiful and sophisticated fashionistas, I'm so happy you've discovered my blog. Here we will explore fashion trends and I will review new items as they flow into the place I work. I look forward to your comments and feedback. Have a chic day!

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